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A Dark Serene Night by 13lackout
A Dark Serene Night
:iconsnowycupcakes: held a contest to draw her OC, Justine.

My first time drawing a human in... a really long time! I don't think I've QUITE got it down yet... ^^;

Was a ton of fun to draw though!
Cortez by 13lackout
My 3rd and final contribution to the Mario Collab held by :iconsupermario-club: 

I just HAD to get a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! It's one of my favorite games in the series! The last artist that applied to draw Cortez missed his deadline, so I had the chance to step in for him/her.

This is probably my favorite one of the three contributions. I sure hope it's worthy of the ancient pirate captain of Keelhaul Key!
Phantamanta by 13lackout
The 2nd character I drew for the big Mario Collab being run by :iconsupermario-club:

I wanted to get at least one character from Super Mario Sunshine!

Though I THINK I need to work on drawing lightning... ^^;
Artist Training Ground Finale by 13lackout
Artist Training Ground Finale
For the last day of the Artist Training Ground, I got to pick one of the previous themes: Draw a pony family.

Big thanks to everyone at Equestria Daily, the sponsors who provided the prizes for us artists in training, and all the other artists that helped put together one heck of a gallery over the past 15 days.

I've drawn more in the past few weeks than I've drawn in years... Until my discovery of Colors! 3D, I've never enjoyed drawing this much! I'm looking forward to getting a LOT more use out of it in the future! :thumbsup::D
Artist Training Ground 8 by 13lackout
Artist Training Ground 8
Today's Theme: Draw a pony celebrating / draw a triumphant pony!

Decided to do another Kirby / MLP crossover. This scene is from the Goal Game, a staple of the Kirby series that takes place at the end of each level. Press the button with the right timing, and see how high you can get!

Looks like Rarity got a perfect score!…


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Just a guy that likes to lurk about, stalk his favorite artists, comment, and draw!
The Super Mario Club :iconsupermario-club: is hosting a GIANT collab project featuring characters from all throughout the Mario Universe! You can expect my next few submissions to be related to this.

Each participant can claim up to two characters at a time. They then get one month to draw their selected characters before they lose their claim (I very nearly lost my claim to Smithy, one of my favorite Mario villains, what a loss that would have been!). What's more, if you finish your characters on time, you can claim even more, up to a total of seven!

So stop by here to give them a hand and get this thing finished! Massive Mario Collab - Allowing 2 more chars now!
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