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Team Name | Nightmare Orchestra

Guild Affiliation | Raiders

Rank | Beedrill


Edgar Odbart Wilhelm von Vespula und von Chitin | Weedle

Male | Run Away

Hardy | Strong-Willed

Bug Bite | Poison Sting | String Shot | Electroweb

Azure Sash | N/A | N/A


Nonna Abramova | Audino

Female | Regenerator

Sassy | Capable of taking hits

Power Up Punch | Heal Bell | Wish | Secret Power

Scarlet Ribbon | N/A | N/A

Deep in the Forest Heart, the sounds of nature were everywhere. A gentle breeze shook the leaves of the trees, making them sway back and forth. Calls of feral Pokemon could be heard in the distance; from the songs of Swablu and Starly to the buzzing of Volbeat and Illumise.

But someone with keen ears could pick up yet another pair of sounds. Two sets of hurried footsteps, weaving through the trees and foliage as agilely as a pair of Ninjask.

The two four legged figures came to a stop in a small clearing. The first, a Luxio donning a red wide-brimmed hat, climbed on top of a nearby boulder. A brown leather satchel was fixed to her backside. She scanned the surroundings for any other signs of movement. They were getting closer to their hideout, but here in the forest a hostile Pokemon could come from anywhere at any time.

Behind her, a Mightyena wearing a dark green hat and a lighter green scarf knelt down in the grass. A black eye patch covered his right eye. As he tried to catch his breath, he winced in pain and unfastened  his own satchel to let it fall the ground. Looking to his left, he noticed a barb sticking out from his coat. He let out a groan.

"That was ridiculous, Adelita. Who'd have thought a little 'mon like that would get so riled up over a lil' trinket?"

Adelita, sensing there was no danger for now, turned to her comrade. "Come now Charcoal, that's nothing new. We've done this plenty of times before to know that no one likes being robbed."

Charcoal muttered under his breath, twisting his head in vain to reach the barb on his back, "Easy for you to say, you don't have a stinger diggin' into yer hide...UGH!" He let out an exasperated sigh before turning to his partner. "Could ya get this thing out of my coat!?"

The Luxio stepped down from the boulder with a smug expression. "What's the magic word?"

The Mightyena rolled his eyes, "PLEASE get this thing out of my coat?"

Adelita smiled. "That's better! Hold still for a second..."

Charcoal winced as the barb was removed in the blink of an eye. Turning back to Adelita, he saw the Luxio holding it in her paw, examining it.

"That was a pretty nasty Poison Sting attack for such a little bug..." She discarded the stinger with a flick of her paw. "How are you holding up?"

"I feel fine. Just gimme' a moment and we can get movin' again." he said as he laid down in the grass. Reaching into his satchel he pulled out a Pecha Berry and began eating. "Good thing I came prepared."

Adelita looked towards the sky, which had started to turn orange as the sun began to set. They had been out all day, and it would almost be dusk. "Alright we'll rest a few minutes, but we need to get back before dark."

She curled her legs underneath her and sat down. "Speaking of our recent heist, may I see it?"

 Charcoal nodded, reaching into his satchel again with a free paw. He pulled out a small engraved golden box and handed it over to Adelita. As she opened the lid on top, a small clockwork animatronic crafted in the image of a Beautifly was revealed. It was placed above an assortment of gears, cogs, and other moving parts.

She turned a small knob on the side of the trinket and it began to play a gentle melody as the gears started moving. As the music played, the clockwork Beautifly began moving as well, slowly flapping it's wings.

She was utterly fascinated. They had "liberated" several possessions from various travelers in the woods today, but she was convinced right then and there that this item in particular was the rarest she'd seen in some time. And of course, rare meant valuable.

 "How lovely! I'm sure this will get us a nice price from the right customer."

Charcoal's left eye widened, "No kiddin'. I haven't seen somethin' this fine since-"

Adelita looked to her partner as he paused mid sentence. His ears were standing straight and he was glaring towards the trees. The sounds of leaves rustling and footsteps moving towards them met her ears and told her all she needed.

Charcoal quickly whispered, "Adelita!"

But she had already shut the music box and risen to her feet. "I know!"

Three whistling sounds came through the air as the pair jumped and evaded in separate directions. Where they had been sitting, three poison barbs landed in the earth.

Charcoal growled, scanning the trees for the source of the attack, "Where are you hiding?"

Before either of them could locate their attacker, a figure came charging out from the trees.

"Charcoal, look out!"

Charcoal turned his gaze back to the ground just in time to dodge a glowing fist that had swung at his face. The fist missed its target and struck the ground instead with a THUD.

A quick look revealed a Pokemon that stood as tall as he did. Two cream colored paws led to strong looking legs, which carried a pink and cream colored body with a pair of toned arms at its sides. Atop this build sat a round head with two long pink and cream ears; one of which had a scarlet ribbon tied to it, a pair of feelers on the sides of its head, and two bright cerulean eyes leering at him.

He growled at the new opponent, "What the heck do YOU want!?"

The Audino just smiled and punched her fist into her open palm, "I'd like to introduce your face to my fists." She assumed a fighting stance with both fists raised in front of her, "Now say hello!"

As the two faced off against each other, several more Poison Stings shot from the trees, this time towards Adelita. She dodged each in turn, finally managing to trace them back to their source; a small worm shaped shadow in the trees holding its tail up over its head like a Skorupi.

Adelita smirked to herself, "I've got you now!"

She turned abruptly and sprinted toward the bug's perch. She didn't even need to dodge the next Poison Stings that were fired at her for she was already moving too quickly for her target to follow. As she neared the tree, the tuft of fur on the end of her tail adopted a mirror sheen as energy gathered around it. "Down to my level!" she thought.

Adelita reached her target and unleashed a mighty Iron Tail that hit the tree like a thunderbolt.

Woodchips and bark flew from the trunk as it shattered under the attack. A great creaking noise was heard as the trunk quickly lost the strength to stand upright and began to fall. Adelita quickly cleared the tree's path and looked up just in time to see her foe launch a line of string from its mouth, which stuck to another tree. Afterwards, it quickly abandoned its perch and swung to the clearing. After sticking its landing it began quickly scuttling along the ground... away from her?

Adelita raised an eyebrow in bewilderment, but she regained her focus and leapt after it as soon as she saw where it was headed.

Or rather, what is was headed for.

The bug had nearly reached the music box lying on the ground when a shadow swooped in from behind him and snatched it away with her tail.

Adelita stared down at the would-be thief. It was in that moment that she finally recognized her attacker. The segmented, almost caterpillar-like body, the two large stingers on the tip of his head and tail, the azure sash on his thorax... and that big round nose.

This was the same Weedle that she and Charcoal had stolen from earlier that day.

Adelita waved the music box tauntingly, "Looking for this?"

The Weedle glared at her, "That. Is. MINE! Release it at once or you'll feel my sting!"

Adelita struggled to keep herself from laughing, this Weedle clearly had no idea who he was up against. Or any idea of how feeble his attempt at intimidation was for that matter.

"Not that that doesn't sound...dreadful, but if anyone should be scared here it's you dear. You've already lost your vantage point. Your burly partner is occupied and though she probably doesn't know it yet, she's outmatched. And to top it all off..."

She took a jump forward, showing off her fangs, "You have nowhere to run."

Adelita could see him shaking, struggling to hide his fear. She expected him to surrender right then and there.

She didn't expect him to suddenly smirk back at her. "And neither do you!"

Before she could react, silk shot from his mouth in a web pattern, enveloping her upper body. As she began struggling, sparks flared up along the strands as an electrical current coursed through her. It seemed this little bug had been keeping an ace up his sleeve.

"Now who should be scared?" He stood up on his hind legs, preparing to deliver the final blow with his head stinger...

"Hold still you devil!"

"HA! If ya want a target that'll hold still, why don't ya go get yer fists acquainted with a nice rock?"

Back on the other side of the clearing, Charcoal had been running circles around the Audino. She would try to land a Power Up Punch, but he would merely dodge and counter with a quick claw swipe or bite. Charcoal saw no need to use his techniques as the battle would be his in just one or two more solid hits.

"As much as I'd love watching ya swing yer fists at the air all day, my partner and I've got a schedule tah keep. End o' the line, lass!"

Smirking, the pink Pokemon merely shrugged and shook her head, "I've got no idea what you're talking about. I'm just getting started!"

A pink aura enveloped her. Charcoal raised an eyebrow in confusion but kept on his guard, ready for whatever she was about to throw at him.

She knelt down and placed both hands on the ground at her sides. She then closed her eyes in concentration, her face maintaining that smug smirk. She thought to herself, "Alright planet, give me that sweet energy!"

The Audino continued to hold her pose. When no attack came, Charcoal decided to move first. "Sittin' idle will get ya nowhere!" He leapt in the air and opened his jaws. But even when his jaws sank into her arm, the Audino was still standing. His eye shifted to her face, which bore an arrogant look.

He had finally noticed what she had been doing as he saw that several of her wounds had vanished. He thought to himself, "The stance was weird, but there's no mistakin' it... she used a Wish technique!" He tried to back off, but the Audino grabbed him with her injured arm just as he let go.

"You speed demons are all the same... You may be quick on your feet, but I'VE got the strength to take whatever you can dish out..." She raised her unoccupied hand into a fist as she readied another Power Up Punch. Her fist began gleaming a fiery orange.

"... and give plenty back!"

Her fist launched at Charcoal's head and struck true. The Mightyena froze in place after being hit by the super effective attack.

The Audino beamed gleefully, "Keep the change!"

Back on the other side of the clearing, the Weedle froze as he heard the sound of laughter. As he raised his head his eyes widened as he saw that his Electroweb technique had not only failed to immobilize his target, but said target was laughing her head off as if his attack was the most hilarious prank she had ever seen. He found himself stammering, "W-what!? Just what is so amusing here? Doesn't this hurt!?"

This only seemed to fuel Adelita's laughter. "AH HAHAHAHA! You've never met a Luxio before, have you dear?" She shrugged off his net as if it were nothing more than a knitted blanket.

The tiny bug Pokemon felt his fear return. He felt his jaw drop as his composure finally slipped away. He slowly started backing away from her. "This is impossible, there's no dark types that are immune to electricity!"

Adelita chuckled and merely shook her head, "You want to know why your little trick didn't work? Don't worry, I'll give you a little hint..."

A few small sparks leapt from the Luxio's coat before turning into streams of electricity that radiated out in all directions from her. The helpless bug grimaced as the streams struck him and danced over his body. As the powerful currents flowed through him, he realized just how mistaken he had been in his earlier assumption that he and his partner were fighting two dark types. "This one was an electric type all along... curses..."

As the attack finally subsided, he collapsed.

The Audino's look of triumph was soon replaced with confusion. "Something's not right here. This fight should be over."

She looked over to her opponent who had barely moved an inch.

"I landed a direct hit! A punch like that usually  knocks a Dark type flat on the ground. How is he still standing?!"

From behind her fist, she saw the Mightyena before her flash a toothy grin. She tilted her head to the side before slowly withdrawing her fist. The sight of Charcoal's left eye staring her down quickly turned her confusion into fear.

"So, ya think that just cause I'm quick on me feet I can't take a punch?"

The Audino released her grip on her opponent and took a few steps back. Charcoal slowly advanced towards her as she backed away.

"I've been going easy on ya, but I won't let that little wisecrack go unpunished!" His teeth clicked like a flint before sparking and igniting.

"Let's see ya heal THIS!"

Before she could establish any kind of guard, Charcoal's powerful Fire Fang had already connected. She lost consciousness before she even hit the ground.

As the young bug type opened his eyes, he noticed that he was no longer in that clearing in the middle of the woods. He had been placed on a hammock with a single linen blanket. His head was resting on a pillow filled with... he supposed it was straw from the way it felt under his forelegs. Scanning his surroundings, he saw that he was currently in a tent. No doubt those thieves from earlier had taken him and...

His eyes widened as he sat up from his prone position. Where was...

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead!"

Oh. There she was. Sitting in a hammock on the other side of the tent and already awake.

He sighed, "How long have we been out?"

His partner shrugged, "Beats me. I woke up not long before you did. But now that you're up, we need to talk about a way to get out of here."

Before he could answer her the tent flap opened, and a fluffy looking Zigzagoon peered in. She wore a black bandana that covered most of her face, except for her two golden eyes. She smiled at the pair.

"Good morning, you two! The bosses told me you would be waking up about now. They'd like to speak to you both!"

The Audino jumped from her hammock and entered a fighting stance. "Not so fast, fuzz ball. How about we get some answers first? Where are we and why did you kidnapped us?"

The newcomer rolled her eyes in response. The cheer in her voice was replaced with apathy, "Look tons-of-fun, if it's answers you want, then just follow me. I don't know what the bosses want with you two, but I'm sure they'll fill you in when we get there. So are you coming or not?"

The slightly rotund Pokemon growled, but was stopped by her pint sized partner. After managing to calm her down, he nodded to the Zigzagoon.

"We're ready. Take us to them."

They soon arrived in a lavish red tent with golden highlights. Their guide held the tent flap open for them, but waited outside. Inside the tent, the floor was composed of wooden planks with a few plush carpets spread out. Several plants in ornate vases decorated the room. A small opening in the roof allowed smoke from a small hearth in the middle of the room to escape. Sitting in front of this centerpiece stood two figures that the pair were NOT hoping to be seeing again so soon.  The two Pokemon that had knocked them out yesterday.

The Luxio welcomed them both. "Good to see you two awake so soon! I trust you are feeling better?"

The pair said nothing in reply, so she continued.

"How do you like my humble abode? It's only temporary of course, but I made sure it had all the right-"

"Spare us the pleasantries, why did you want to talk with us?" The little bug interrupted.

The Mightyena spoke next "Because we'd like ta make a proposition to the both of ya!"

The two youths looked to each other in confusion, but said nothing.

The lady in the red hat continued, "Let me explain, surviving in this world isn't easy these days especially for outlaws like ourselves."

At this, her companion frowned, "It's bad enough tryin' to find what you need in a land torn up by natural disasters and swarmin' with ferals. But now freelancers have another problem... The Guilds."

The Luxio nodded, "The Archivists... The Adventurers... The Merchants... All groups with their own agendas, but any fellow deviants who try to take them on alone find themselves outnumbered and outmatched."

The Dark type brought his gaze to the pair, "That's where we come in!"

The spark Pokemon smiled, "Precisely. We've formed a guild of our own, tailored to the needs of the outlaws, the freethinkers, the survivors. Those in need of a helping hand."

The pink and cream Pokemon interrupted. "So you two are running some kind of protection racket? Criminals join with you so they can go about their business without worrying about these guilds?"

The male leader chuckled, "I like to call it, 'jolly cooperation'! Everyone's free to do whatever they please, but if any pesky Adventurers show up to ruin their day, we can even the odds!"

His accomplice continued, "And in return, our members help us when we find need of their services. As you can see... She gestured to the luxurious interior of the tent, "it's been working handsomely. Which brings us to our proposition..."

The young bug type, who had been listening intently, finally spoke, "You want us to join your 'guild'?"

The leader bearing the eye-patch shrugged, "What can I say? I think you two could learn a little respect..." He looked to the Audino in particular, "But we both think you two 'ave got the daring and the potential to be fine members."

The woman in red gave them one last bit of food for thought, "You can always refuse and go back to the way we found you... taking shelter in a hollowed out log while you scavenge what you need from travelers. Or you can join us now and enjoy our protection, a share of the loot, and a part in our rise to power. The choice is yours."

The Weedle looked to his partner, silently asking what she thought on the matter.

She maintained the scowl that she always seemed to wear, but nodded, "You haven't steered us wrong yet, little man. Whatever you choose, I'll be right behind you."

The youth smiled, "I appreciate that, I think I know exactly what I'll do."

He turned to the two guild leaders.

"We accept, but on one condition."

The leaders shared a knowing look as the Luxio replied, "Oh?"

He wore a straight face, "I want you two to return what you've taken from me."

The Mightyena smiled, "Heh, we thought you might want that. Very well!"

He reached into the bag on the floor and removed the music box from earlier. He took it over to the Weedle and placed it in his waiting forelimbs.

The young bug let out a pleased sigh, "Wonderful. So, what's our first order of business?"

The female leader stood and walked over to him, "Why don't we start with introductions? I am Adelita, but when we're working together, I ask that you use my codename, Red Death."

Her associate gestured to himself, "And I'm Charcoal, also known as the Black Banneret!"

The Audino crossed her arms, "I don't have any fancy nicknames. But you can call me Nonna Abramova."

The Weedle stood tall on his back legs before bowing, "I am Edgar Odbart Wilhelm von Vespula und Von Chitin. The pleasure is mine."

The two guild leaders raised eyebrows at the little bug before them.

Nonna just rolled her eyes, "I just call him Eddy."

Edgar abruptly turned to her with a frown, "I told you I don't like it when you call me that. My name is Edgar!"

She merely shrugged with her arms and smirked, "Whatever." She then turned to the guild leaders. "So is that it? Do you need anything else from us for now?"

Adelita regained focus and nodded, "All of our recruits operate in teams of up to four members. We ask that each team provide us with a name that they'd like to be referred as. Now then, what shall we call your new team?"

Nonna was dumbstruck, "Seriously? What are we supposed to name ourselves? Pink and Orange? Big Ears and Many Legs? Pound Cake and Creampuff?" She frowned at her last suggestion, "Darn... I'm hungry now..."

Edgar buried his face into his forelegs, "Stop! Stop. I will think of a name for us."

He placed one forelimb on his chin in a thinking pose and began brainstorming.

And brainstorming.

Annnd brainstorming.

Before someone could break the awkward silence, Edgar finally exclaimed, "I've got it!"

He walked over to the fire, "We will be the Nightmare Orchestra!"

Nonna tilted her head to the side, "That's it? How does that even make sense? I don't know about you Edgar but I don't even play any instruments."

Edgar smiled and shook a forelimb in a 'tsk tsk' motion, "True, true, but we won't be like most orchestras. We will be making a different sort of composition. My strength is bringing down opponents slowly with a mix of webbing and poison, your strength is outlasting the opponent until he has no strength left to fight. With me as the Maestro and you as my Concertmaster, our techniques will create an awe inspiring combination, a symphony of ruin that will make our opponents' worst nightmares a reality! It's brilliant, no it's MAGNIFICENT! Don't you agree?"

Nonna's jaw dropped, thinking to herself, "Shoot, that's good! Alright, you win this round Eddy..."

She looked down and crossed her arms, "Y-yeah, I guess we could go with that."

Adelita grinned, "Well then, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you, Nonna and Edgar of the Nightmare Orchestra, to the Raiders Guild!"

Charcoal flashed the two a smile, "We'll fill you in on the details of our upcoming raid in the Fungal Forest later. I'm lookin' forward tah workin' with you two!" 

Nightmare Orchestra Written App
Written for :iconpmdorigins:

:icontychusplz: "Hell, it's about time!"

I've had to go through four earlier character designs, several names, and multiple movesets. I've had to change the species of one of the members, and rewrite this scenario of them joining the Raiders... twice.

But NOW I know I have something I'm satisfied with. And I can't wait to start working with these two!

Two wandering souls: one, a noble fugitive running from catastrophe at home. The other, a runaway who left home after deciding that she'd rather be anywhere else. They travel together, taking whatever they can find that will help them survive. Even if it means stealing what they need from other Pokemon.

One day while one of them is alone at their shelter, he finds himself ambushed by two mysterious figures. They overpower him and seize his most precious possession, the last thing he has to remind him of his home and the life he had.

When his partner returns, she finds him hysterical. After managing to calm him down enough to tell her what happened, she offers to help him reclaim what was stolen from him.

In the distance, the two bandits are making their way back to their hideout after a successful day of work. Currently unaware of the two vengeful Pokemon that are on their trail...
B1 Battle Droid by 13lackout
B1 Battle Droid
Drawn for the massive Star Wars collab being put together by :iconzimeta:

Say what you will about the prequel Star Wars films, I love these guys! Drawing one was more difficult then I thought, there's so many little details in their design that I never even thought about. For example, did you know they have two toes on each foot? Or three fingers? Or that some of them shoot left handed while most of them shoot with their right hand?

I had plenty of reference material lying around the house, including an Episode I DVD, where I got the idea for the pose. Still had to omit a lot of details since I slacked off and am submitting this at the last minute... Whoops.

Anywho, watch this group :iconstarwars-club: to see the whole collab once it's finished!
A Dark Serene Night by 13lackout
A Dark Serene Night
:iconsnowycupcakes: held a contest to draw her OC, Justine.

My first time drawing a human in... a really long time! I don't think I've QUITE got it down yet... ^^;

Was a ton of fun to draw though!
Cortez by 13lackout
My 3rd and final contribution to the Mario Collab held by :iconsupermario-club: 

I just HAD to get a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! It's one of my favorite games in the series! The last artist that applied to draw Cortez missed his deadline, so I had the chance to step in for him/her.

This is probably my favorite one of the three contributions. I sure hope it's worthy of the ancient pirate captain of Keelhaul Key!
Phantamanta by 13lackout
The 2nd character I drew for the big Mario Collab being run by :iconsupermario-club:

I wanted to get at least one character from Super Mario Sunshine!

Though I THINK I need to work on drawing lightning... ^^;


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Just a guy that likes to lurk about, stalk his favorite artists, comment, and draw!
The Super Mario Club :iconsupermario-club: is hosting a GIANT collab project featuring characters from all throughout the Mario Universe! You can expect my next few submissions to be related to this.

Each participant can claim up to two characters at a time. They then get one month to draw their selected characters before they lose their claim (I very nearly lost my claim to Smithy, one of my favorite Mario villains, what a loss that would have been!). What's more, if you finish your characters on time, you can claim even more, up to a total of seven!

So stop by here to give them a hand and get this thing finished! Massive Mario Collab - Allowing 2 more chars now!
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