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Just a guy that likes to lurk about, stalk his favorite artists, comment, and draw!
If anyone's reading this, let me first say thank you for stopping by.

It's been over 4 years since I first made this account. I want to take a moment and share a bit of my history with you all. 

At first, I made this account just so I could comment on the very well written Paper Mario fanfiction, Of Glitz and Fury, by :iconeclipse-of-42:. I remember how giddy I felt once I looked at my inbox and saw that the first comment I wrote on his story got a response from the author himself. 

I guess socializing has never really been my strong point. But here over the internet, I feel it's not only easier to express myself, but it's also easier to find like minded individuals. Sure, fanart and fanfiction drew my attention at first, but as I started adding people to my deviantwatch list, I started seeing the thoughts that they were sharing through their artwork and journals. Some of these were very touching, and I really regret the fact that I may never get to see these people face to face in my lifetime.

Eventually I got an idea in my head. These people were able to share what they had and garner respect from their fellow deviants. They brought people together and have helped make my life all that much sweeter. But I could draw too couldn't I? I had taken two courses of Graphic Design in high school after all, and that hadn't been so difficult. Heck, it was actually fun most of the time. Instead of just searching for artwork and not always finding what I was looking for, why couldn't I just make my own?

I've tried several times to dedicate myself to drawing. My very first group, the Glitzville Gallery, was dead before I ever submitted anything for its first event, due to the busy life of the founder. You can see the only submission I made for it in my gallery, and it was my very first deviation. I hadn't much inspiration after that, so my gallery remained dormant for a long time. 

I eventually discovered the Artist Training Ground being hosted at Equestria Daily. I had already been a fan of MLP for about a year, and saw a great opportunity to fill up my gallery AND learn to draw in the style of my favorite show at the same time! However, one deviation a day proved exhausting, and a bit disappointing. None of the drawings I made came out the way I really wanted them to. I had ideas, but nowhere near enough skill and practice to make them a reality. 

A few months after the Training Ground, I came upon the lovely little group, :iconpkmn-crossing: a roleplaying group set in an Animal Crossing setting featuring anthro Pokemon residents. I'm a fan of both Animal Crossing and Pokemon, so I was excited when I was accepted. Finally, I had a fresh source of inspiration AND a group of people that could notice my work and give feedback!

Only, that didn't happen. I was in college by now, and as I kept getting worn down by assignments, I had no energy left for drawing or interacting with my new group. Even worse, poor character design made it difficult for me to decide how to roleplay my character, and I soon stopped roleplaying all together. I was inactive for weeks, then months, until I was finally removed from the group earlier this year. I can't blame them for making that choice as I was aware of their rules concerning inactivity and didn't follow them. The group needed active members to thrive, so they did what had to be done.

I feel like this account has come to represent my life as it is right now, with deviations meant for groups I am no longer a part of a solemn reminder of the opportunities that I've missed both online and offline. There is little here that I can really be proud of, that I can offer to the odd soul that wanders onto my page.

Until today, that is.

I don't want this account to stay in obscurity forever. I don't want the ideas I've held onto go to waste simply because I'm out of practice. But most importantly, I don't want to keep procrastinating and saying that I'll do the things that matter so much to me later just because they are difficult. Surviving is one thing, living is another. And ladies and gentleman...

I want to live.
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Dembai Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch! <3
tobi1480 Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah! Thanks fer watching!
13lackout Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome! :thumbsup::D
QuirkyCorona May 13, 2012
[link] Thought you might find this awesome.
13lackout May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconreactionguys2plz: Yeah I read about that earlier today! It's nice that he's willing to give us some GOOD publicity!
QuirkyCorona May 15, 2012
No kidding, especially after all the butt-faced "newscasters" who pull up lies right out of nowhere just to have an easy target *coughcoughFoxNewscoughblanch*
BTW, you don't have to do it, unless you don't want your house burned down when you're gone...

Here, I tagged you to do this :P
13lackout Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontrollestiaplz: Problem?
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