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Just a guy that likes to lurk about, stalk his favorite artists, comment, and draw!
So, after about a month of waiting, PKMNation opened itself to join requests just yesterday. It's great to have the chance to be a part of something bigger than just myself. I'm excited!

For those of you wondering, :iconpkmnation: is a group where everyone plays the role of a Pokemon ranch owner. You get 3 Pokemon to start with that you choose from 2 groups of 5 random Pokemon and 1 group of 5 Pokemon of a type that you choose, and level them up by drawing them. You can also use your Pokemon to breed with other members' Pokemon to create crossbreeds or Pokemon that inherit a type from one of their parents in addition to what they would normally have.

I already have an idea of the kind of ranch and Pokemon I'm looking to create, but in the meantime, it's finals week for me in college, which means I won't be able to draw much just yet.

Once I get started though, you can expect a few more journals here that will have information that other members of the group may need from me.
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