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Drifloon on Bassoon by 13lackout Drifloon on Bassoon :icon13lackout:13lackout 4 4 Golurk on Recorder by 13lackout Golurk on Recorder :icon13lackout:13lackout 5 3 Double Dynamite Attack! by 13lackout Double Dynamite Attack! :icon13lackout:13lackout 4 0 Jet Kirby by 13lackout Jet Kirby :icon13lackout:13lackout 5 7 Metal Wario by 13lackout Metal Wario :icon13lackout:13lackout 4 0 PMD Origins Icon Contest Entry by 13lackout PMD Origins Icon Contest Entry :icon13lackout:13lackout 2 7
Nightmare Orchestra : Symphony of Flame (M-0)
Black smoke billowed from the ground below. The massive pillar of ash and embers that was stretching across the sky could be seen for miles.
Down on the floor of the Fungal Forest, wild Shroomish and Paras scurried about. They moved erratically, not caring where they were going as long as it took them away from the inferno behind them.
Further towards the heart of the forest fire, the sound of dozens of running hooves thundered across a dirt trail. A caravan of wagons sped past the burning biota and the thick smoke surrounding it. The caravanners themselves, consisting mostly of spirited and able bodied youths, tried their best to ward off the approaching flames and any hostile Pokemon.
At the head of the caravan, a single Growlithe ran as fast as his legs could carry him and his wagon. His Flash Fire ability allowed him to forge through and absorb the flames before him. His eyes darted back and forth, looking for any sinister figures hiding among the tall fungi.
"I know you're out
:icon13lackout:13lackout 2 2
B2 Super Battle Droid by 13lackout B2 Super Battle Droid :icon13lackout:13lackout 3 2
Nightmare Orchestra Written App
Team Name | Nightmare Orchestra
Guild Affiliation | Raiders
Rank | Beedrill
Edgar Odbart Wilhelm von Vespula und von Chitin | Weedle
Male | Run Away
Hardy | Strong-Willed
Bug Bite | Poison Sting | String Shot | Electroweb
Azure Sash | N/A | N/A
Nonna Abramova | Audino
Female | Regenerator
Sassy | Capable of taking hits
Power Up Punch | Heal Bell | Wish | Secret Power
Scarlet Ribbon | Cabbie Hat | N/A
Deep in the Forest Heart, the sounds of nature were everywhere. A gentle breeze shook the leaves of the trees, making them sway back and forth. Calls of feral Pokemon could be heard in the distance; from the songs of Swablu and Starly to the buzzing of Volbeat and Illumise.
But someone with keen ears could pick up yet another pair of sounds. Two sets of hurried footsteps, weaving through the trees and foliage as agilely as a pair of Ninjask.
The two four legged figures came to a stop in a small clearing. The first,
:icon13lackout:13lackout 2 14
B1 Battle Droid by 13lackout B1 Battle Droid :icon13lackout:13lackout 5 4 A Dark Serene Night by 13lackout A Dark Serene Night :icon13lackout:13lackout 0 3 Cortez by 13lackout Cortez :icon13lackout:13lackout 7 0 Phantamanta by 13lackout Phantamanta :icon13lackout:13lackout 5 0 Artist Training Ground Finale by 13lackout Artist Training Ground Finale :icon13lackout:13lackout 0 0 Artist Training Ground 8 by 13lackout Artist Training Ground 8 :icon13lackout:13lackout 1 0 Artist Training Ground 7 by 13lackout Artist Training Ground 7 :icon13lackout:13lackout 0 0



Drifloon on Bassoon
2nd piece for :icontommygk:'s charity collab.

Theme is draw a Pokémon playing in an orchestra.

Decided to represent some of my favorite Ghost types! XD
Golurk on Recorder
Made for :icontommygk:'s most recent charity collab.

The theme this time is: Draw a Pokémon playing an instrument or singing!

Tried the WiiU's SDKPaint app for this one. It's a little bare bones compared to what I used to use, but I can't say I'm disappointed with the results.

Canvas size in the app is a bit small though. Had to draw the big guy sitting just so I could fit him in.


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United States
Just a guy that likes to lurk about, stalk his favorite artists, comment, and draw!
The Super Mario Club :iconsupermario-club: is hosting a GIANT collab project featuring characters from all throughout the Mario Universe! You can expect my next few submissions to be related to this.

Each participant can claim up to two characters at a time. They then get one month to draw their selected characters before they lose their claim (I very nearly lost my claim to Smithy, one of my favorite Mario villains, what a loss that would have been!). What's more, if you finish your characters on time, you can claim even more, up to a total of seven!

So stop by here to give them a hand and get this thing finished! Massive Mario Collab - Allowing 2 more chars now!
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